Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dr. Badruddin Alhafiz, New Delhi

Dr. Badruddin Alhafiz is a scholar of Arabic and Islamic Studies based in Delhi, India. He taught Islamic Studies and Arabic literature at Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi) and Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi). His specialization in research was the Egyptian Novel in 20th century. He has authored many books in Urdu. In 1996, he was awarded the Indian President's Certificate of Honour for Arabic language.

See Prof. Badruddin's short comment about author Al-Bairuni (in a conference):

Following are some of his books. You may order these books by writing to us at Some books may be out of print.

Islami Ma'loomat (4 parts)

Misr ke Mashhoor Afsane, Novel aur Drame (Nai Kitab Publishers, New Delhi, revised edition 2008, pp. 240).

Najeeb Mahfooz: Apni nigareshat ke ayeene mein (Maktaba Jamia, New Delhi, 1989, pp. 240).

Maqalat al-Hafiz (Qur'aniyat), (Maktaba Jamia, 1993)

Taufeeq al-Hakim: Navil nigari ka ek jayeza (Maktaba Jamia, New Delhi, 1997 - second print, pp. 112). Price Rs.45.
Also see this link: Taufiqul Hakim : Novel nigari ka ek jaiza

Tazkera Shaykh at-Tariqat Alhaj Azad Rasul saheb (Nai Kitab Publishers, New Delhi, 2007, pp.111). Price: Rs.30.

Siddique Akbar Raziallah Ta'ala. Ek abqari shakhsiyat (1998, pp.128)

Farooq-e Azam Raziallah Ta'ala. Ek abqari shakhsiyat (2003, pp.168)

Usman Ghani Raziallah Ta'ala. Ek abqari shakhsiyat (Maktaba-e Wahidiyah, Delhi, 2004) Price: Rs.100.

Hazrat Ali Raziallah Ta'ala. Ek abqari shakhsiyat (Maktaba-e Wahidiyah, Delhi, 2005) Price: Rs.140.
Also see this link: Hazrat Ali (R.A.) ek Abqari Shakhsiyat

Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Raziallah Ta'ala Anha (Makkiah Books, New Delhi, 2010) Price: Rs.120.

Madarsa Ibtedayi ki Nazmein (Nai Kitab Publishers, New Delhi, 2008)

Ansari Saheb ka Chai-khana aur deegar Islahi mazameen (Islamic Book Foundation, Delhi, 2012) Price: Rs.120.

Shaykh ka Tarehdar Kurta aur Deegar Islahi mazameen
(Maktaba Jamia, New Delhi, 2014) Price: Rs.175.

Yadon ki Nagri (Sawaneh khud nosht) An autobiography, 2003, pp.304.

Discount is available for ordering the entire set of books. Postage/courier cost would be extra.
Further contact: +91-8800105781.

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